In recent years, the Cooperative AI community has organised workshops at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) conference – one of the premier venues for AI research – alongside other standalone events. Further details can be found below.


The first Cooperative AI workshop plans to bring together scholars from diverse backgrounds to discuss how AI research can contribute to the field of cooperation.
The second Cooperative AI workshop is focused on how to incentivize cooperation in AI systems, and how to implement effective coordination given these incentives.

Summer Schools

The Cooperative AI Summer School is designed to provide students and early-career professionals in AI, computer science, and related disciplines with a firm grounding in the emerging field of cooperative AI.


In collaboration with colleagues from Google DeepMind and MIT, the Cooperative AI Foundation is running a major cooperative AI contest as part of NeurIPS 2023. We challenge you to push the boundaries of multi-agent reinforcement learning by developing agents that can solve diverse mixed-motive cooperation problems from the Melting Pot environment suite.