Tuesday 14 December - NeurIPS 2021

Cooperative AI Foundation


As announced in a May 4 2021 Nature commentary, the Cooperative AI Foundation (CAIF) is a forthcoming charitable entity, backed by an initial philanthropic commitment from the Center on Emerging Risk Research of $15 million. CAIF's mission is to support research that will improve the cooperative intelligence of advanced AI systems for the benefit of all of humanity.

Activities of CAIF will include efforts to support and extend work on methods and topics in cooperative intelligence across multiple communities within AI and computer science, as well as adjacent disciplines. For more information about CAIF's plans, see Activities.

Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society

Website: https://srinstitute.utoronto.ca/

The Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society (SRI) was established through a generous gift from Canadian entrepreneurs Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman in 2019. SRI is a research and solutions hub within the University of Toronto dedicated to ensuring that powerful technologies like artificial intelligence are safe, fair, ethical, and make the world better—for everyone.

SRI devel­ops new modes of thinking in order to better understand the social implications of technologies in the present age, and works to reinvent laws, institutions, and social values to ensure that technol­ogy is designed, governed, and deployed to deliver a more just and inclusive world. SRI researchers range in fields from law to computer science, engineering, philosophy, political science, and beyond. SRI draws on world-class expertise across univer­sities, government, industry, and community organizations to unite fundamental research on emerging technologies with actionable solutions for public policy, law, the private sector, and citizens alike.