CAIF intends to use its philanthropic endowment to:

  • make grants to support Cooperative AI research, especially that which is important, tractable, and neglected. This includes work which helps to build up the infrastructure of the field, such as novel benchmark environments and metrics of cooperative success.

  • offer scholarships to promising young researchers intent on entering the field of Cooperative AI.

Details on calls for proposals and applications forthcoming.


In 2020, the first Cooperative AI workshop was organised at NeurIPS. CAIF intends to continue to organize workshops at major machine learning conferences, including IJCAI, AAAI, AAMAS, and NeurIPS.

Seminar series

CAIF will host a series of online seminars featuring scholars working on the frontier of Cooperative AI. Further details of our first seminar series, New Directions in Cooperative AI, and our call for seminar proposals can be found here.

Other activities

CAIF will explore additional ways of contributing to the growth of Cooperative AI, including administering prizes and hosting tournaments which encourage progress in our understanding of the cooperative intelligence of AI systems.